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More and more people are choosing to extend their homes as an easier, more cost-effective and less stressful alternative to moving house. But it can seem like a gamble when it comes to choosing the building firm who will be undertaking the work.

Tony Roberts & Son Ltd offers you the assurance that comes with a reputable and well-respected construction company. Contact us about your plans for the future.

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  • By utilising the available space on your premises, you can rapidly transform your home from something purely functional, into something luxurious, efficient and practical
  • It is cheaper and less stressful, by far, than moving house
  • The bonus of added property value
  • Your team here at Tony Roberts & Son Ltd will handle the project with the proficiency and expertise you would expect, working to budget and completing the work to any given timescale

From the initial design and planning stages, through to project completion, we are methodical, forward-thinking and professional. We take pride in our work and always clean up after ourselves so as to cause the minimum of disruption to your routine.

If you need some extra space in your house, maybe you’ve gathered too many things over the years or maybe your family is outgrowing the family home. Whatever the reason may be sometimes we just need more space.
An extension is an easier way to do that. So what are the main reasons for getting an extension?

A beautiful way to modernise your house would be to add a little extra light into the house so that you’re not as trapped in the dark and can enjoy the outside from the inside. It’s a great way to enjoy your space and also wow your guests.

Another benefit to extending your home would be market value. If you’re planning on selling your home, now or in the future, adding an extension can bump up the price a bit.
Before doing this it’s preferable that you check around your area to see what kind of extensions have done well there. Also, try checking the ceiling value of your street to see whether it’s worth having an extension put in. Not only can an extension add to the value of the property but it can also add a little extra value to your lifestyle.

An extension can definitely improve your lifestyle by making your life flow more due to the extra space and also by giving everyone a bit more space so you’re not all constantly huddled together. The extra space could be for relaxation or even entertainment so you can wash away the day and enjoy your time at home.

A great advantage to an extension is that it’s typically cheaper to get the extra space that way rather than moving house. Moving house, as you may know, can be a hassle and is described as one of the most stressful things we can go through so why would you go through that hassle? By getting an extension you’re avoiding the stress, fees and redecorating.


We want you to know that you're working with a reliable firm that does its best to save you money whilst offering a high quality service. Call for your free, no obligation quote.

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